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Sunbelievable: A bronzed path to business ownershipSunbelievable is […]

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Franchise Details

Year Established: 2017
Category Locations: Home-Based,Retail
Available Ownership Type: Owner Operator,Semi-Absentee,Absentee
Corporate HQ City: Staten Island
Corporate HQ State: New York
Investment Range: $100,000+
Canada Franchising: Yes
Latin America Franchising: Yes
India Franchising: Yes
Franchise Fee: $49,500
Royalty Percentage: 7%
Veteran Discount: Yes
E2/EB5 Visas: Yes
Master Franchise Opportunities: Yes


Sunbelievable: A bronzed path to business ownershipSunbelievable is a rapidly growing tanning salon franchise that offers aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to own a piece of the $15 billion sunless tanning industry. Founded in 1995, Sunbelievable has built a reputation for its commitment to cleanliness, customer service, and cutting-edge tanning technology. With over 20 locations across the United States, Sunbelievable is poised for continued expansion, and is actively seeking motivated individuals to join its franchise network.Why choose Sunbelievable?There are many reasons why Sunbelievable stands out as an attractive franchise opportunity. Some of the key benefits include:Low start-up costs and flexible options: Sunbelievable offers a variety of franchise packages to fit a range of budgets. The initial investment starts at around $20,000, and there are financing options available to help qualified candidates get started.Turn-key business system: Sunbelievable provides franchisees with a proven business model, including comprehensive training, marketing materials, and ongoing support. This makes it easy for even first-time business owners to get up and running quickly.Recurring revenue: Tanning salons generate recurring revenue through membership packages and package sales. This provides franchisees with a predictable income stream and helps to stabilize their business.Strong brand recognition: Sunbelievable is a well-established brand with a loyal customer base. This gives franchisees a built-in advantage when it comes to attracting new customers.Becoming a Sunbelievable franchiseeIf you're interested in learning more about becoming a Sunbelievable franchisee, the first step is to visit the company's website. There you can request a free franchise information kit and learn more about the franchise opportunity. You can also contact Sunbelievable directly to schedule a consultation with a franchise development representative.Owning a Sunbelievable franchise can be a rewarding and profitable way to be your own boss. If you're looking for a franchise opportunity with a proven track record and strong growth potential, Sunbelievable is definitely worth considering.

Support & Training offered by Sunbelievable

Sunbelievable takes pride in its comprehensive support and training program designed to equip new franchisees with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to successfully launch and operate their tanning salons. Here's a detailed outline of what you can expect:Pre-Opening Support:Site Selection and Lease Negotiation: Sunbelievable's experienced team will assist you in finding the perfect location for your salon, taking into consideration demographics, traffic patterns, and competitor analysis. They will also help you negotiate favorable lease terms with landlords. Image of Site Selection for Sunbelievable franchiseOpens in a new windowm.yelp.comSite Selection for Sunbelievable franchiseConstruction and Design: Sunbelievable provides detailed architectural plans and specifications for your salon, ensuring a consistent brand image and optimal layout for customer flow and equipment placement. They also offer guidance on selecting furniture, fixtures, and equipment.Permits and Licensing: Sunbelievable will help you navigate the often-complex process of obtaining all necessary permits and licenses to operate your salon. They will provide you with a checklist of requirements and assist you with the application process.Training and Development:Franchisee Orientation: This multi-day program covers all aspects of Sunbelievable's business model, from sales and marketing to operations and customer service. You'll learn about the company's culture, values, and brand standards.Staff Training: Sunbelievable provides comprehensive training programs for your salon staff, ensuring they are knowledgeable about tanning equipment, safety protocols, and customer service best practices.Ongoing Support: Sunbelievable offers ongoing support to its franchisees through regional field managers, online resources, and a dedicated support hotline. They are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance.Marketing and Advertising:Grand Opening Marketing: Sunbelievable will help you develop a grand opening marketing campaign to generate excitement and attract new customers to your salon. They will provide you with templates, marketing materials, and guidance on implementing your campaign. Image of Grand Opening Marketing of Sunbelievable franchiseOpens in a new windowm.yelp.comGrand Opening Marketing of Sunbelievable franchiseLocal Marketing: Sunbelievable provides ongoing support with local marketing initiatives, such as social media marketing, email marketing, and promotional events. They will help you develop targeted campaigns to reach your ideal customers.National Marketing Programs: Sunbelievable participates in national marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to franchisee locations. You'll benefit from the power of the Sunbelievable brand without having to manage your own national campaigns.Technology and Operations:Point-of-Sale System: Sunbelievable provides a state-of-the-art point-of-sale system that streamlines your salon operations. The system tracks sales, manages appointments, and generates reports to help you make informed business decisions.Inventory Management: Sunbelievable provides guidance on inventory management, helping you ensure you have the right products in stock to meet customer demand without overspending.Operational Support: Sunbelievable's operations team is available to answer your questions and provide guidance on all aspects of running your salon, from scheduling staff to maintaining equipment.By providing comprehensive support and training, Sunbelievable sets its franchisees up for success. From site selection to ongoing marketing, they are there to guide you every step of the way. With their proven business model and unwavering support, you can be confident in your investment in a Sunbelievable franchise.

Franchise Requirements

How much does it cost to open a Sunbelievable?
Investment range: Model 1- $126,390 Model 2- $212,850 - Model 1 - $278,000 Model 2- $471,000
Is Sunbelievable a home based franchise?
Available Category Locations: Home-Based,Retail

Additional Information

Category Location Home-Based,Retail
Number of Units Open
Investment Range Model 1- $126,390 Model 2- $212,850 - Model 1 - $278,000 Model 2- $471,000
Master Franchise true
Home based franchise YES
Item 19 Franchise YES
Veteran Discount YES
Franchise Opportunities in Canada YES
International Franchise Opportunities
E2/EB5 Visa Franchise YES
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