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Sticks Kebob Shop

A Taste of the Mediterranean on the Go: […]

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Year Established: 2001
Category Locations: Retail
Available Ownership Type: Executive,Owner Operator,Semi-Absentee,Absentee
Corporate HQ City: Charlottesville
Corporate HQ State: VA
Investment Range: $100,000+
Canada Franchising: Yes
Latin America Franchising: Yes
India Franchising: Yes
Franchise Fee: $49,500
Royalty Percentage: 6%
Veteran Discount: Yes
E2/EB5 Visas: Yes
Master Franchise Opportunities: Yes


A Taste of the Mediterranean on the Go: Founded in 2000 in Charlottesville, Virginia, Sticks Kebob Shop is a fast-casual restaurant chain serving up delicious and healthy Mediterranean fare. They've built a loyal following thanks to their fresh, made-to-order kebabs, salads, and platters, all bursting with flavor and vibrant ingredients. Image of Sticks Kebob Shop foodOpens in a new windowwww.tripadvisor.comSticks Kebob Shop foodThink flame-grilled skewers of chicken, beef, lamb, or falafel, nestled in warm pita bread or piled high on a bed of fluffy basmati rice. Each creation is customizable with an array of toppings like hummus, baba ghanoush, tzatziki sauce, and a variety of pickled vegetables. Salads are equally tempting, featuring fresh greens, crisp veggies, and your choice of protein, all tossed in a light and flavorful dressing.Beyond the Food: What truly sets Sticks Kebob Shop apart is its commitment to quality and convenience. They use only the freshest ingredients, sourced locally whenever possible. The menu is designed for quick service, perfect for busy families and professionals on the go. Whether you're dining in, taking out, or ordering delivery, Sticks Kebob Shop makes it easy to enjoy a healthy and satisfying meal that won't weigh you down.Franchising for the Future: With a proven track record of success and a passionate fanbase, Sticks Kebob Shop is now expanding through franchising. They offer a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to own and operate their own restaurant business, backed by the support and expertise of an established brand. If you're looking for a franchise that's on-trend, delicious, and driven by a commitment to fresh, healthy food, Sticks Kebob Shop might just be the perfect fit for you.

Support & Training offered by Sticks Kebob Shop

Sticks Kebob Shop Franchise Support and Training:Sticks Kebob Shop provides comprehensive support and training to help their franchisees succeed. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:Pre-Opening:Franchisee Orientation: Intensive 50-hour classroom training program covering the Sticks Kebob Shop concept, operations, marketing, and financial management.Site Selection and Lease Negotiation: Assistance with finding the ideal location and negotiating favorable lease terms.Construction and Design Support: Guidance on restaurant layout, equipment procurement, and signage implementation to ensure consistency with the brand's standards.Hiring and Recruitment: Training on effective employee recruitment and onboarding processes, including Sticks Kebob Shop's specific hiring standards.Inventory and Purchasing: Help with setting up supplier relationships and establishing efficient inventory management systems.Marketing and Public Relations: Support with developing a local marketing plan and launching grand opening campaigns.Post-Opening:On-Site Training: Two experienced trainers from Sticks Kebob Shop will spend a week at your new location before and after opening to ensure smooth operations and staff proficiency.Field Operations Support: Regular visits from regional field operations managers to provide ongoing guidance, troubleshooting, and best practice sharing.Operations Manual and Resource Library: Access to a comprehensive manual detailing all operational procedures, recipes, and quality control standards.Online Training Portal: Continuous access to online training modules, tutorials, and reference materials for staff development.Marketing and Advertising Support: National marketing campaigns and regional support for local marketing initiatives.Purchasing Power: Leverage the franchisor's bulk purchasing discounts and established supplier relationships.Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Access to performance metrics and insights to track progress and identify areas for improvement.Regional Franchisee Meetings: Participate in regular meetings to network with other franchisees, share best practices, and stay informed about brand updates.Additional Support:Technology and Point-of-Sale Systems: Training on the Sticks Kebob Shop POS system and other restaurant technology tools.Food Safety and Sanitation: Comprehensive training on proper food handling, safety protocols, and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.Customer Service: Training on Sticks Kebob Shop's customer service standards and building positive customer relationships.Overall, Sticks Kebob Shop is committed to providing extensive support and training to its franchisees throughout the entire life cycle of their business. This includes initial onboarding, pre-opening preparation, ongoing operational guidance, and continuous resources to ensure success.

Additional Information

Category Location Retail
Number of Units Open
Investment Range $247,600 - $573,300
Master Franchise false
Home based franchise YES
Item 19 Franchise YES
Veteran Discount YES
Franchise Opportunities in Canada YES
International Franchise Opportunities
E2/EB5 Visa Franchise YES
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