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Seashore Academy

Seashore Academy: A Boutique Education Franchise for the […]

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Year Established: 2022
Category Locations: Home-Based,Light Industrial,Mobile,Office,Retail
Available Ownership Type: Executive,Owner Operator,Semi-Absentee,Absentee
Corporate HQ City: Newport Beach
Corporate HQ State: CA
Investment Range: $50,000 - $100,000
Canada Franchising: Yes
Latin America Franchising: Yes
India Franchising: Yes
Franchise Fee: $55,000
Royalty Percentage: 8%
Veteran Discount: Yes
E2/EB5 Visas: Yes
Master Franchise Opportunities: Yes


Seashore Academy: A Boutique Education Franchise for the Modern FamilySeashore Academy offers a unique educational experience that blends the strengths of traditional schooling with the flexibility and personalized touch of homeschooling. As a franchise, it presents an exciting opportunity for passionate educators and entrepreneurs to bring this innovative model to their communities.At its core, Seashore Academy is all about creating a nurturing environment where children thrive. With a focus on small class sizes (15:1 student-teacher ratio), project-based learning, and a values-driven curriculum, the academy fosters a love for learning and personal growth. The flexible schedule allows families to choose from 1-5 days of in-person instruction per week, catering to diverse needs and lifestyles. This hybrid approach, combined with a strict no-screen-time policy, ensures that children receive meaningful engagement without the downsides of excessive digital media.Owning a Seashore Academy franchise comes with comprehensive support and resources. The franchisor provides extensive training, operational manuals, and ongoing guidance to ensure franchisees succeed. Moreover, the established brand recognition and marketing materials make it easier to attract families seeking an alternative to traditional schooling. With strong unit economics and a focus on high-quality academics without the high price tag, Seashore Academy presents a compelling investment opportunity for those looking to make a real difference in the lives of children.Whether you're an experienced educator, a passionate entrepreneur, or simply someone who believes in the power of personalized learning, Seashore Academy offers a chance to build a rewarding and impactful business. With its unique approach, supportive framework, and promising growth potential, this franchise is poised to revolutionize the educational landscape.

Support & Training offered by Seashore Academy

Seashore Academy provides a comprehensive support and training program to help new franchisees get their businesses up and running smoothly. Here's an outline of what you can expect:Initial Training:Online Training (60 hours): This self-paced online program covers everything from the Seashore Academy business model and curriculum to marketing and operations. You'll also learn about the company's technology platform and how to use it to manage your academy.Image of online training seashore academyOpens in a new windowwww.seashoreacademy.orgonline training seashore academyIn-Person Training (21 hours): This hands-on training takes place at a corporate-owned Seashore Academy or another designated location. You'll learn about the day-to-day operations of the academy, including how to conduct student assessments, develop individualized learning plans, and deliver effective instruction.Image of in person training seashore academyOpens in a new windowwww.seashoreacademy.orgin person training seashore academyOngoing Support:Field Operations: Seashore Academy has a team of field operations specialists who are available to provide on-site support to franchisees. They can help with everything from marketing and enrollment to curriculum implementation and staff training.Marketing and Advertising: Seashore Academy provides a national marketing program that includes online and offline advertising, as well as public relations support. Franchisees also have access to a library of marketing materials that they can use to promote their academies locally. Image of marketing and advertising seashore academyOpens in a new windowph.linkedin.commarketing and advertising seashore academyTechnology Support: Seashore Academy has a dedicated IT team that provides support for the company's technology platform. Franchisees can get help with everything from setting up the platform to troubleshooting technical issues. Image of technology support seashore academyOpens in a new windowwww.linkedin.comtechnology support seashore academyMeetings and Webinars: Seashore Academy hosts regular franchisee meetings and webinars that cover a variety of topics. These events are a great opportunity for franchisees to learn from each other and share best practices. Image of meetings and webinars seashore academyOpens in a new windowissuu.commeetings and webinars seashore academyAdditional Resources:Seashore Academy Franchisee Portal: The franchisee portal is a one-stop shop for all of the resources that franchisees need to run their businesses. It includes everything from marketing materials to operational manuals.Image of seashore academy franchisee portalOpens in a new windowwww.ifpg.orgseashore academy franchisee portalSeashore Academy Knowledge Base: The Seashore Academy knowledge base is a searchable database of articles, videos, and other resources that cover a wide range of topics.Seashore Academy's support and training program is designed to help franchisees succeed in every aspect of their businesses. With the right training and support, you can open and operate a successful Seashore Academy that makes a difference in the lives of students.

Franchise Requirements

Additional Information

Category Location Home-Based,Light Industrial,Mobile,Office,Retail
Number of Units Open
Investment Range $98,175 - $275,300
Master Franchise false
Home based franchise YES
Item 19 Franchise YES
Veteran Discount YES
Franchise Opportunities in Canada YES
International Franchise Opportunities
E2/EB5 Visa Franchise YES
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