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Conserva Irrigation

Conserva Irrigation Franchise: A Green OpportunityConserva Irrigation is […]

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Franchise Details

Year Established: 2012
Category Locations: Home-Based,Mobile
Available Ownership Type: Executive,Owner Operator,Semi-Absentee
Corporate HQ City: Glen Allen
Corporate HQ State: Virginia
Investment Range: $100,000+
Canada Franchising: Yes
Latin America Franchising: Yes
India Franchising: Yes
Franchise Fee: $49,500
Royalty Percentage: 8%
Veteran Discount: Yes
E2/EB5 Visas: Yes
Master Franchise Opportunities: Yes


Conserva Irrigation Franchise: A Green OpportunityConserva Irrigation is a rapidly growing franchise specializing in eco-friendly irrigation solutions for residential and commercial properties. Founded in 2012 with a focus on water conservation, Conserva Irrigation stands out in the irrigation industry by prioritizing environmental responsibility alongside business success. This unique approach has attracted passionate franchisees who are driven to make a positive impact on the planet while building thriving businesses.Here's what makes Conserva Irrigation an attractive franchise opportunity:Environmental Impact: Conserva Irrigation's core mission is to conserve water. They achieve this by using cutting-edge technology and efficient irrigation practices that can reduce water usage by up to 60%. This not only benefits the environment but also translates to lower water bills for customers.Proven Business Model: Conserva Irrigation offers a franchise system with a proven track record of success. Franchisees receive comprehensive training, ongoing support, and access to a network of experienced professionals. This makes it possible for even those with no prior experience in irrigation to launch and operate a successful business.Strong Brand Recognition: Conserva Irrigation has been featured in numerous publications and has received several awards for its innovative approach to irrigation. This strong brand recognition gives franchisees a head start in attracting customers and building trust in their communities.

Support & Training offered by Conserva Irrigation

Conserva Irrigation Franchisee Support and Training:Conserva Irrigation is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and training to its franchisees, ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to succeed. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:Pre-Launch:Meet & Greet: Get to know the brand, leaders, and franchise process.Qualification & Validation: Review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and ask questions with experienced franchisees.Confirmation Day: Finalize paperwork and prepare for training.Training:10-day New Franchisee Training Program: Covers irrigation systems, design, repair, installation, customer service, sales, marketing, IT systems, business management, and finance.Weekly Meetings with Quick Start Coordinator: Ensure progress and address any concerns during your launch period.Ongoing Support:Assigned Business Coach: Provides regular guidance, coaching, and quarterly P&L reviews.Assigned Marketing Coordinator: Develops your annual marketing plan and assists with SEO and digital marketing.Irrigation Technician Development: Assistance with hiring, training, and career development for technicians.CRM Training and Support: Ongoing training and support for your customer relationship management system.Weekly System-Wide Franchisee Calls: Connect with the VP and Brand Leader for updates and discussions.Annual Events: Franchisee convention, mid-year recharge meeting, and Circle of Excellence trip for top performers.Preferred Vendor Programs: Discounted rates on irrigation products, vehicles, insurance, payroll, and more.Distributor and Manufacturing Partnerships: Support from brands like Toro, Hunter Industries, and SiteOne®.Additional Resources:Plug & Play Marketing Program: Monthly templates for marketing strategies, tactics, and vendor recommendations.Online Marketing Setup: Conserva handles website, Google My Business, Facebook, directories, review management, and other online essentials.Empower Brands™ Network: Collaboration and cross-promotion opportunities with other franchisee groups within the network.Overall, Conserva Irrigation's support and training program is designed to be comprehensive, ongoing, and tailored to each franchisee's needs. They go beyond the basics to provide resources, coaching, and collaboration to help you build a successful business.

Additional Information

Category Location Home-Based,Mobile
Number of Units Open
Investment Range $84,800 - $110,000
Master Franchise false
Home based franchise YES
Item 19 Franchise YES
Veteran Discount YES
Franchise Opportunities in Canada YES
International Franchise Opportunities
E2/EB5 Visa Franchise YES
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