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Body Fit Training – BFT

Body Fit Training: A Booming Boutique Fitness FranchiseBFT […]

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Franchise Details

Year Established: 2017
Category Locations: Retail
Available Ownership Type: Executive,Semi-Absentee
Corporate HQ City: Irvine
Corporate HQ State: CA
Investment Range: $100,000+
Canada Franchising: Yes
Latin America Franchising: Yes
India Franchising: Yes
Franchise Fee: $60,000
Royalty Percentage: 7%
Veteran Discount: Yes
E2/EB5 Visas: Yes
Master Franchise Opportunities: Yes


Body Fit Training: A Booming Boutique Fitness FranchiseBFT (Body Fit Training) is a rapidly growing franchise specializing in high-intensity, science-backed group fitness workouts. Founded in Australia in 2017, BFT has quickly gained popularity for its effective training methods, supportive community atmosphere, and impressive global expansion.What makes BFT unique?Science-driven workouts: BFT's training programs are designed by exercise scientists and leverage technology like heart rate monitors to personalize workouts and maximize results. Each 50-minute session combines cardio and strength training, targeting different muscle groups and energy systems daily to keep your body challenged and engaged.Group training with a twist: While you sweat it out alongside others, BFT's qualified trainers provide personalized guidance and motivation throughout the session. This supportive environment fosters a sense of community and accountability, pushing you to reach your fitness goals.Proven track record: With over 500 studios open globally and awards like "Top Franchise of the Year" under its belt, BFT's success speaks for itself. The brand boasts a strong financial model for franchisees, with high member retention rates and attractive profit margins.Is BFT the right fit for you?Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or a fitness newbie, BFT offers a welcoming and effective workout experience. The diverse range of exercises, coupled with the supportive community and expert coaching, cater to all fitness levels and goals. So, if you're looking for a challenging yet rewarding workout that delivers results, BFT might be the perfect fit for you.Ready to learn more?Head over to BFT's website to explore their workout programs, find a studio near you, or even inquire about franchise opportunities. With its innovative approach, passionate community, and commitment to delivering results, BFT is definitely a fitness franchise worth checking out.

Support & Training offered by Body Fit Training - BFT

Body Fit Training (BFT) offers a comprehensive support and training program for its franchisees, designed to help them succeed in launching and operating their studios. Here's an outline of what you can expect:Pre-opening:Site selection and lease negotiation: BFT assists with finding the perfect location and negotiating favorable lease terms.Studio design and construction: You'll receive detailed blueprints and guidance on building a BFT studio that adheres to brand standards and maximizes functionality.Equipment and technology: BFT provides all the necessary equipment, including heart rate monitors, digital displays, and training tools.Staff recruitment and training: BFT helps you find and train qualified coaches and other staff members, ensuring they understand the BFT system and culture.Marketing and sales launch: BFT provides a comprehensive marketing strategy and tools to generate buzz and attract members before your studio opens.Ongoing support:Training programs: BFT hosts regular training days with industry experts covering new program releases, staff training, and BFT system updates.24/7 support: You'll have access to a dedicated support team 24/7 to answer questions and address any issues that may arise.Operational resources: BFT provides a library of resources, including manuals, templates, and best practices for studio operations, marketing, and sales.Technology platform: BFT's proprietary technology platform helps you manage memberships, track member progress, and analyze studio performance.Marketing and branding support: BFT offers national marketing campaigns and local area marketing support to help you attract new members and build brand awareness.Community and networking: BFT fosters a strong network of franchisees, allowing you to connect with other owners, share best practices, and learn from each other's experiences.Additional highlights:Proven franchise model: BFT has a successful track record with over 500 studios globally, giving you confidence in the brand's potential.Science-based training program: BFT's workouts are based on scientific principles, ensuring effective results for your members.Strong brand recognition: BFT is a well-established brand with a loyal following, making it easier to attract members.Financial assistance: BFT offers various financial programs and resources to help with the start-up and ongoing costs of your franchise.Overall, BFT's support and training program is designed to provide franchisees with the tools and resources they need to successfully launch and operate their studios. If you're considering investing in a BFT franchise, I encourage you to learn more about their support system and see how it can help you achieve your business goals.

Additional Information

Category Location Retail
Number of Units Open
Investment Range $363,900 - $538,500
Master Franchise false
Home based franchise YES
Item 19 Franchise YES
Veteran Discount YES
Franchise Opportunities in Canada YES
International Franchise Opportunities
E2/EB5 Visa Franchise YES
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